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Essay Writing: Common Digital Age Challenges That Students Face

Nowadays, our constantly changing digital world has posed various essay writing challenges for students. They have to deal with information overload, digital distraction, the temptation to copy and paste, and more. All these factors make the plagiarism-free essay writing process tough.

So even after students spend countless hours researching and writing the essay, there’s no guarantee that it’s plagiarism free. The potential risk of unintentional plagiarism can cause essay rejection.

This is where plagiarism-free essay writing services come to the students’ rescue. Expert writing services can help students write plagiarism-free essays. They can help students write essays from scratch. But if students have already written the essay, then they can edit, proofread, and rewrite the essay for students. It can ensure that the essay has 0% plagiarism. 

Let’s explore and see what common digital age challenges students face and understand how essay writing services can help them.

Common Digital Age Challenges That Students Face When Writing Essays

Information Overload and Improper Citation

The digital revolution has given students access to vast amounts of information. They can explore repositories of knowledge with a few touches on their phone screen. But this ease of access to information has created a new digital problem known as information overload.

With one search on the web, students get thousands of blogs and articles related to essays. Indeed, it becomes a challenge for them to filter all this information and choose what they are looking for. Some of this information might be wrong, but it often looks authentic. It can affect the research capabilities of students and lead to a lack of focus, hindering their learning process.

Even if students find relevant information, they may struggle with proper citation and referencing sources. When students collect information from various sites, they don’t understand how to attribute ideas to their sources correctly. That’s why students have to learn proper citation and referencing to avoid possible chances of plagiarism.

Digital Distractions

Digital sources of information come with their fair share of distractions. They can derail students’ focus and indulge them in other noneducational activities. Students might get instant notifications from social media, online gaming, and other streaming platforms while collecting research material online. Even the websites that help students get research material are filled with ads that provoke them to buy or engage in other activities.

All these factors can affect students’ focus, and it may lead to decreased productivity. Indeed, it becomes challenging for students to make a balance between using technology for learning and entertainment. This becomes a serious issue when the essay submission date is near.   

Reliance on Online Content

There are many online resources that might give students pre-existing essay materials. And students might not conduct their independent research. They may reproduce the essay’s content without having any knowledge about its core ideas. This reliance on online content poses a serious threat to students’ unique ideas and their critical thinking. Indeed, it can lead to essays that are full of plagiarism and which will get rejected after submission. Also, students won’t acquire any thoughtful analysis and interpretation skills by reproducing these essays.

The Temptation to Copy and Paste

Students can easily copy-paste an essay from various online sources, which certainly amounts to plagiarism. There is no doubt that copy-paste material is full of plagiarism, but students often think that if they copy the material from different sources, it won’t be detected. Many students make this mistake when the deadline to submit the essay is near.

But these days, many universities and colleges use advanced plagiarism-checking tools that can find even minor plagiarized text. It will get rejected as fast as the student copy-pasted the essay.

Even if a student has made some effort to write a bit or half of the essay, everything will go in vain at once. Copied essays affect students’ final scores and might downgrade their academic rank.

Instead of copy-pasting, students should write their essays and try to build note-taking and summarizing skills. It can help them write better essays, and they won’t get tempted to copy-paste any content from online sources.

Students can use the help of professional writing services to proofread and edit their essays. Such services ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes or instances of plagiarism in the essay.

The Help of Plagiarism-Free Essay Writing Services

Professional essay writing services strive to produce plagiarism-free essays. They are capable of writing essays from scratch according to students’ requirements. Students can also seek editing, proofreading, and rewriting services from these services’ professional writers.

This ensures that the essay has no grammatical errors and no plagiarism. Indeed, students should seek the assistance of authentic essay writing services. Authentic plagiarism-free writing services have a team of highly-skilled writers who keep students’ information confidential.

Some essay writing services provide discounts to students so they won’t strain their financial budget. They truly care for students and help them achieve academic excellence. With the essay writing burden struck off their to-do list, students afford time to participate in extracurricular activities and enjoy their lives outside of academics.


The digital age has brought a multitude of challenges when students strive to write plagiarism-free essays. They have to overcome improper citation practices and reduce their reliance on online content. Also, students have to resist the temptation to copy and paste or paraphrase ideas excessively. Luckily, these students can seek the help of professional plagiarism-free essay writing services.

Professional writers at Writing Sharks can help students tackle all these challenges easily and ease up their academic voyage. This way, students can overcome all essay writing challenges in one go.

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