Revision Policy

In our quest to keep our customers fully satisfied, we have a revision policy that guarantees you the chance to request for a free revision whenever you feel that the delivered paper is not entirely satisfactory. However, the revision should not incorporate new instructions. If your revision guidelines are such that the writer will have to accomplish additional tasks not specified in your initial instructions, you will be requested to pay additionally depending on the complexity of the tasks. Our customer care representatives are always willing to provide an estimate of the additional payment. Therefore, please contact them whenever you feel that you need to incorporate new instructions to your order.

In addition, a revision request must always be submitted using the 'Request Revision' button. This button will always be available on an order that is on 'Delivered' status for a maximum of 14 days, after which the order will be automatically approved by the system if you won't have approved it yet. After you (or the system) approves the order, the button will be available for 7 more days, during which you can still ask for a revision. 7 days after the initial approval of the order, you will have to place a new order if you want your paper revised.

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